Carole Jeanne Ministries is all about REVIVAL 🔥. First, revival in the hearts of individuals. Second, to spread revival of the fiery passionate love of God to the world.

What we’re about


Personal and Community Revival through


🔥prophetic art 

🔥Poetry -words

🔥Lifestyle - community 

🔥Preaching and Teaching

🔥mentoring, spiritual direction and counsel


More about Carole Jeanne

Carole Jeanne Voisey is a revivalist with a passion for the Word of God.  She has been an ordained minister and an advocate for the marginalized since 1989. Carole has served in Russia, Finland and the Republic of Georgia giving her 10 years of experience in cross cultural ministry. As a public speaker she has had several opportunities to speak against Human Trafficking. She is passionate about women in ministry and knowledgeable in spiritual warfare. She has preached in internationally in Australia, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Republic of Georgia, England and Israel.

Carole studied art at TUFTS University MFA, Boston Museum of Fine Arts. She loves to paint and has recently begun prophetic painting. In 1997 She began writing poetry and has written for various publications, including contributions to a devotional “Reflecting God” by Nazarene Publishing.

She is also a proud mother and grandmother.